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Master bathroom has been offering the services of renovations and maintaining in Melbourne for almost 3 decades. As the duration itself explain, we have been into this business for a quite long time so we have a huge experience in this field. We also have a huge list of existing satisfied customers who are loyal to us and always come to us of they have nay issues or want to renovation. We always welcome them with warm smile as they are the people who actually runs our business as their feedbacks matters a lot to us. One satisfied customer can attract a long chain of new customers who later on become a part of a family.

The Services:

As we have mentioned earlier, we are into this business for extended time we have expanded our services and operations from single service offering to multiple services. Currently, we are offering following services to our valuable customers.


We offer plumbing services. The plumbers are hard to find when we need then the most. The ides of offering plumbing services is that when we start doing work on other areas of bathroom we get stuck at most of the places because we need a plumber we can do the fitting and then tah mask task has been done. So, instead of waiting for the plumbers we offer plumbing services as well. It saves time.

Electronic Services:

We offer all kind of electronic services. We know, which and where to target. Suppose, a client has asked they want Jacuzzi in their washroom and above the portion of Jacuzzi they want a golden dull lighting and colourful lighting which gives a fresh touch to over all environment. We need electrician who can do all the fitting perfectly. We cant rely on outsourcing the services. So , having a electrician with us is a life saving. We can alter the adjustment anytime we want.

Custom Build Vanities:

We always value the suggestions and requirements of our customers. We listen to them carefully and ask them what they actually want. How they want their bathrooms to be. Because, bathroom is like secondary comfortable place for most of the people. So, it has to be according to their taste and choices. To keep this thing in mind, we offer services of customisation.

Renovations of Walls and Windows:

Walls and windows complete the whole look of a bathroom. We offer services if making the walls customised in a way that we cant write texts, do texturing on the walls, or apply wall paper as per the demand of our clients.

In short, we have everything under one roof for bathroom makeovers and bathroom renovations in Hawthorn. Visit our website and choose the best combination for you.

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