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Why Blinds Are Different And Better

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Certainly pros and cons are attached to almost everything around us; even living saving drugs are bad if mishandled right! There was a time of Pentium I,II, III and IV and now we have core i5 and so on point is things have changed dramatically and things are now different in a good way in order to provide us the best of everything technology and development has lead the way ahead. Previously we all used to hang curtains on our window in order to cover it up, in order to restrain the sight from the outside but now, things have changed people are using cafe blinds Melbourne for their windows (although solving the same purpose) it has some clear advantages which a curtain doesn’t have. Let’s roll on to some of the most common benefits which can make us decide that no matter what blinds are should be the first choice: 

Different patterns: this era actually supports trends and fashion right, although curtains were also available in different patterns but, can you imagine a curtain with Mona Lisa printed on it (previously it wasn’t available may be now we can witness few) but in blinds it was always available and desirable. So much so customized blinds are available in which one can get his/her own picture too, one just needs to provide a picture and they will prepare a customized blind (it will be like a frame on the wall).

Durability: definitely curtains were made of fabric (normal one) which was not durable at all (after 3 to 4 washes it fades away), whereas blinds are different it’s not fabric first thing, secondly easily cleanable with just a wet piece of cloth (no need to bring the whole blind down and make it wash) one can do the needful even when the blinds are hanging on the wall.

Dirt: it is so true that curtains were the biggest preservers of dust and dirt, blinds are different and are not dust preservers at all, one can just clean the perfect shade sail still they don’t have that feature of dust preservation. Keep it that way a fabric has more tendency to accumulate the dust as compared to blinds (made of some washable material). It depends on the house owner how well it maintains the blinds.

Maintenance: in order to maintain the curtains one has to take it down and wash it or second option is to use the vacuum. In both cases one has to spend money on vacuum or washing labor, but with blinds only a wet cloth is required and some drops of machine oil in order to keep the mechanism of blinds rolling running (rollers of the blinds require normal machine oil in order to operate).

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